About Me


A 3D artist by trade, I love taking a story or world and really bringing it to life in such a way to create a
mood or provoke thought, regardless of the medium. From a very young age I always loved creating made-up places and building things. This naturally moved onto the computer when I was older. I first picked up 3D around the age of 14, when I first acquired a copy of Bryce 5. From there I quickly got into creating my own worlds inspired largely by the Myst series, which led me in turn to pick up Blender and start creating and experimenting in fan created content for Uru. After finishing up high school, I decided to make a go of 3D as a career, and studied at Lifeway College in Snells Beach, where I completed a 2 year course. Since then I have worked as a lighter/compositor on a variety of projects for TV and gaming, including working on Nickelodeon's Penguins of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.


My primary specialisation in my work so far has been lighting and compositing, but in general I'm more inclined to environment art as a whole, including modelling, texture painting, matte painting, lighting and compositing. I am also familiar with other aspects of the 3D pipeline also, including rigging, animation and  fluids/dynamics.  In the broader area of film and interactive media, I am always keen to learn and try new things, and am constantly looking to practice and develop my skills further.

Outside of 3D I have a keen interest in photography and filmography, and I love to travel and experience places, especially the outdoors.

Lifeway College
September 2008- July 2009
Diploma in 3D Animation (Level 6)
Diploma in Advanced 3D Animation (Level 7)

Key Skills:
- Modelling, Texturing and Lighting using Autodesk Maya with Mental Ray
- Compositing in The Foundry's Nuke and/or Adobe After Effects.
- Sculpting in both Mudbox and Zbrush
- Other aspects of 3D, including some MEL scripting, rigging, animation and dynamics.
- Image manipulation, matte painting and texture painting in Photoshop.

Software I am familiar with:
Autodesk Maya, Mudbox
Adobe Photoshop,After Effects, Premiere Pro